I’ve had tightness in my right leg for the last couple of weeks, and amazingly enough I’ve actually been doing some stretching and foam-rollering of my hamstrings/calves/glutes etc.  I managed to get a 20 min massage at work via a Wellness programme they were running, and it definitely helped with the pain I was starting to get behind my knee.  The Goonies run that I did last weekend went okay, and I didn’t have any particular issues which was good.

Fast forward to Parkrun yesterday.  This was the first time I’d attempted a Parkrun since last September, as i’d opted to help out there a few times this year rather than run.  It was a pretty cold day, and I admit I didn’t warm up (I never do and count the first 10 mins or so as a warm up).  Right from the start my right calf muscle felt a bit niggly.  It wasn’t sore but I could feel it, as if it was tight along the outer edge.  I stuck to my usual run/walk albeit I had reduced the walk to 45s as recently I’ve felt the minutes was too long.  Everything was going fine until the last couple of hundred metres.  I started running again after a walk break and all of a sudden there was immediate weakness behind the knee and I couldn’t run.  I started to walk again, but as I neared the finish I did a kind of limp-run to cross the line.

I know it sounds insane but I couldn’t figure out whether I’d pulled my calf or my hamstring.  Having tried various movement patterns today it feels as if both the calf and hamstring are sore at their insertion points, so a bit of both.  Whatever the hell it is, it is really sore and there is NO WAY i could run at the moment.  So nothing else to do but rest it, try to keep moving and some self massage to get the blood flowing.  It’s unlikely to be a rupture as it isn’t that bad, and there’s no bruising that I can see, and no popping or tearing sound, just immediate weakness.

So needless to say I’m pretty gutted, but it is early days and there is time to resolve this and get back to the training plan before panic needs to set in.  Still pissed off though, gah!  Training has been going pretty well too, but hey ho.  So even more reason to stay on point with nutrition.  Admittedly it’s gone off the rails in the last week because I’ve been pretty busy and a bit stressed with all the work I’ve got to do at the moment, so prep went out the window.  Anyway, back to normal this weekend which will help.

Oh it’s worth mentioning that on the bright side, I got a Parkrun PB for the Southsea Parkrun (still 5 mins exactly off my best ever 5K time), so at least it wasn’t all bad!