Feeling hamstrung

Is there such a word as hamstrung?  Probably not but I like the sound of it.  Screaming out “I’m so bloody hamstrung!!” whilst shaking a clenched fist has a good feel to it.  No screaming from me just yet, but after a trip to the physio this morning it turns out I have a low-grade injury to my lower right hamstring.  Buggeration!  Such injuries are treated very conservatively now apparently, as this is better for long-term injury prevention.  The physio I saw I was new to me, but I was impressed and happy to have found someone good.  The clinic I went to are the on site physios for Hampshire Cricket, so I reckon they’ll see a hamstring injury or two in their daily jobs.

So what now?  Well no running this week or next which is fine on the one hand as I don’t feel I actually could run anyway, but a bit of a pain in the arse (or should I say back of knee) as I’m booked in to do the Christmas Pudding 10k in Christchurch next week, and that’s not going to happen 😦

I have some stretches to do over the next week, I’ll go back next Friday to see how it’s going then the plan (for now) will be to build back up over the next 4 weeks.  Hopefully I should be able to start using the bike fairly soon to maintain some level of fitness and I can go to the gym and concentrate on upper body stuff so I’ll do that.

It’s not ideal but there is no sense in panicking as there’s nothing I can do except listen to the advice and follow it.  In a way I’m now glad I started my marathon plan a few weeks earlier than I’d originally intended, as there is still plenty of time to get back to it and do enough to do a good job in Brighton in April.  Also it’s just a low-grade strain/tear so it could have been much worse.  Silver linings and all that!  So nothing else for it than to let my attitude be guided by the sentiment on my lovely new mug:





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    1. It might be! At physio again this morning so will see what they say. Even walking for a while makes it pretty sore so going to have to give up on my Christmas pudding race 😩


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