Trial month


January’s nearly over already.  Feck.  That went quickly!  Time is definitely speeding up.  It’s been a busy month, in fact much busier than planned.  Lots of work trips, busy weeks but fairly quiet weekends has made for a nice mix.  It’s been nice for a change to be home nearly every weekend, and not to have much planned.  These weekends have been great, but possibly a little too restful.  From getting to a point where I was gymming it four days a week, my gym visits have decreased drastically.  It doesn’t take long for a good habit to go south.  Or for bad ones to go north. Or east or west, or at least in the wrong direction.  Next weekend I’ve got a 10k run, and it’s fair to say I’m a bit nervous about it.  Running lately has been difficult, primarily due to my weight (which is as bad as it’s ever been. EVER. Oink oink.), but also I can really feel the impact of inconsistency in the gym (read: doing fuck all makes running hard, FACT).  Anyway, I decided to concentrate more on running this last couple of weeks until the 10K, then I can get back into the weights, and get back to where I was in terms of 4 sessions a week.  I’m just so generally unfit at the moment I thought I ought to be sensible and focus on one thing at a time.  I’ve been using my spin bike too, but jeez even that feels hard at the moment.

Anyway, I’ve heard a few people joke that January was a good trial month, and the shit gets real from February.  I like that idea!  January hasn’t been a disaster though.  Here’s a report on achievements. Oh and also on stuff that may have slightly hampered the impact of said achievements:

  • eating much better in terms of proteins/fats/carbs in line with training for my main meals – yay!
  • eating shit like cakes from the work cafe in-between those good meals – ermmmmmmmm……
  • getting to bed earlier to get more sleep – win!
  • staying up late boozing on work trips = drunk + sleep deprived – bollocks (insert ‘angry at self’ face)
  • doing a couple of runs a week which is the most I’ve run for MONTHs – woo hoo!
  • dying out my arse on the runs and getting progressively slower (is that meant to happen?!) – arggggggggggggg!!!

SO, February is the time to keep up the good habits and kick the arse of the bad habits.  Fridge/freezer full of good food, next couple of days food planned out, runs planned, early nights ahoy.  Although I anticipate something akin to an Apocalypse Now-esque race next Sunday, I’m looking forward to getting my first race of the year done, so I can hang another medal on the wall.  I’ve been inconsistently consistent, so aiming this month to bin the inconsistency part of the equation.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Oh and to top it off I’m going to partake of a ‘dry February’.  No booze (insert panicked face).  Not doing it for charity (though it’s understandable to assume Scottish folk only give up the sauce if cash is involved), but for the sake of my heaving body.  Sadly as soon as it passes my lips, alcohol seems to turn straight into blubber, so giving it the heave-ho for a month will help kick-start my fat loss again.

Wish me luck. Or alternatively if you see me attempting to eat a cake, punch me.  That would probably be more effective.

I shall report on progress!





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