Getting out of the starting blocks


I’d love to say I started this year off in the manner to which I would like to continue, but when you begin by waking up 36 mins after the start of the New Year’s Day Parkrun, well, let’s just say I’m aiming to do better next week.  That said, my bed was supremely cosy, and difficult to leave, and the long lie did me the world of good.  I’ve atoned slightly by helping out at today’s regular Saturday run, though I fear the wind and rain might have been punishment for being a tad lazy on the 1st.  Sorry about that folks…

Anyhoo, the year has in fact started well, so all is good.  After a lovely sleep I awoke with no hangover, which is never a guarantee after Hogmanay, but in truth I didn’t fancy caning the booze anyway, and only had a couple of small (large) gins the night before.  A pretty quiet day was planned, but most the exciting thing that I was looking forward to was a play on my new spin bike.

Anyone that reads the guff I write on here will know that i’m great at setting myself a bazillion challenges that, if achieved, would probably see me clear to a spot in the GB Rio 2016 team.  However, while i’m good at thinking up lots of exciting things to do, i’m not always so hot on actually completing them.  For me, half the fun is the thought of taking part in running races or triathlons, looking forward to the banter and post-race celebrations.  I always imagine myself sprinting over the line, arms aloft in glory, smiling as the well-earned medal is draped around my neck.  Sounds great, right?  Well, you know how some people consider themselves really fat and unfit when in actual fact they only weigh 3 stone and could sprint a marathon in 2 hours flat?  I seem to have the opposite affliction.  In my head i’m the size and shape I want to be, and as fit as a fiddle.  A passing glance in a mirror or attempt at a run soon puts me in my place, but I always forget this when I imagine that race finish, and before I know i’ve signed up to all sorts.  It’s easy to imagine that glory from the comfort of my couch.  So 2016’s big goal was intended to be the Chicago marathon in October.  I deferred the ballot place I excitedly won in 2015, and was all set to tackle that beast.  Except, actually, do I reeeeeeeeally need to run all those miles in training?  Are you sure?  Surely saying i’m doing it is enough???  Insert wailing-faced smiley.  So for once in my life I’ve decided to face facts.  As much as I really would love to run a marathon and get a time I can be proud of, honestly I just can’t face the training right now.  If I was 5 stone lighter and in the best shape of my life then it wouldn’t necessarily be a daft goal.  Except that I’m not.  So I started to think about what I really, truly, ACTUALLY want: to get to my goal weight and be strong and fit.  I’ve signed up with a nutritionist and i’m loving the gym work i’m doing, and consistency with both will help get me there.  I do like running shorter distances, but what I absolutely ADORE is spinning.  I’ve missed it since I left Edinburgh, and i’ve not found a class that comes close to the wonderful world of LifesCycle, so i’ve bitten the bullet and bought myself a spin bike.  I know it’s not the same as being there, but since I usually close my eyes and listen to the music when i’m spinning, I can replicate that to an extent at home.  So cue my own bike.  I’ve done two sessions on it so far, and oh emm geeeee I love it.  I forgot what a massive adrenaline buzz I get from spinning.  Lights off, music blasting, I can almost hear The Huntz shouting “ARE YOU WITH ME???”.  I may have randomly shouted “YES!!!” into the empty flat.  So now i’ve got everything I need to get me to where I need to be: good nutritional advice, a fab PT/gym programme, a much-coveted spin bike and not least the time to devote my energies to good food and exercise (i’ve a quiet 2016 in the pipeline, at least much quieter than 2015!).   All I need to do now is, well, just get on with it.

Happy days 🙂


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  1. Yay, awesome. I feel your pain in that I miss my spin sessions so much but have my own spin bike and work just as hard on that as I did in the classes. It’s a really good second best.


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