Celebrations / Let the fun begin


The last four days have been pretty fabulous.  I jetted off to beautiful Barcelona with my pals Nicky & Grant to celebrate their recent engagement. Nicky queried whether she should have a hen do, asking where we could go, and just as I was about to suggest London, her reply of “please say Lanzarote” got us thinking about somewhere warm.  Long story short though, flights etc. to Lanza were not optimal, so a suitable alternative was found: Barcelona.  I’d visited many years ago with my sister & her friends, so I was looking forward to going back.  I think the weekend can be summed up in the following pictures:

We were lucky enough to find a nice hotel on the main drag (Las Rambla), just next to the Gothic Quarter in the heart of the city.  It’s a beautiful area with old buildings, winding, narrow streets and lots & lots of lovely bars and restaurants selling the most amazing food and wine.  So the weekend basically involved strolling from bar to bar, eating and drinking our way around the city.  Bliss.  We may also have stumbled upon a fantastic cafe/bar  (Cafe Schilling) with possibly the hottest barman/waiter that has ever lived.  The food there was fantastic, as was the ambience and nightly live music.  Perfecto <3.


Beautiful Spaniards aside, I’d definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in town; it really is a fabulous place.

Let the fun begin…

Sadly all good things must come to an end though (why though, I ask myself??), and we’ve returned back home and back to normality.  Booooo!  An afternoon & evening of chilling is on the cards, and then tomorrow I start my triathlon training plan.  I put it back one week since I was away most of last week, so tomorrow I start a 19 week rather than a 20 week plan.  It’s pretty full on from the word go, and the swim sessions are seemingly written for dolphins not humans, but I’ll give it my best shot.  Time to get cracking on the training and nutrition and see what I can do.  Let the fun begin indeed!