Taking the rough with the smooth

I’ve done bugger all this week, training wise.  I’ve had a good few weeks previously, but it all went a bit wrong this week.  However, I’m not worried about it.  There’s no point getting stressed about it, after all I’m doing this for fun, not as a career.

It’s been a busy week otherwise, lots going on at work and as a result I’ve got a last-minute work trip from this evening until Tuesday.  I’ve got a busy life outside of work too, and that accounted for a few busy evenings this week too.  Also, i’ve been really, really tired. Partially I think PMT is to blame, but I’m also wondering if my iron levels are low again?  I ended up on iron tablets for 3 months in 2016 which really helped; maybe my levels are low again?  I’ll get that checked.

Monday 19th was supposed to be the start of my 20-week training plan for the Cotswold Triathlon.  However, knowing I’d be away on leave from next Thursday for 4 days, and now that I’m away with work the beginning of the week, I’ve elected to start the plan a week late, and I’ll knock out one of the later weeks to make it a 19 week plan.

I was worrying about that a little but then I realised that you know what, this is all meant to be fun.  I’m never going to be breaking any records, and if life and health gets in the way for a week or two, big deal.  I’ll try to do some training when I’m away next week but i’m not doing to stress about it.  There are lots of other things I need to do around the flat at the moment, and i’m just not getting a chance, so something has to give.

Anyway, aside from all that, one good thing that did happen this weekend is that I got a proper bike fit for my road bike.  It was a 3-hour appointment in all, and it was really comprehensive.  We looked at previous injuries, current flexibility/mobility, what my goals and plans are, then there was lots of turbo-riding while I was hooked up to a machine that tracked my movements, then lots of tinkering about to get the best position for me.  The upshot is that I have a new, shorter stem as well as new narrower handlebars.  It was suggested I get shorter cranks as the cranks are not the ideal length for the bike size, nor for me.  So I’ll change those soon.  By the end of the session I felt a lot more comfortable on the bike, and was really keen to go out today to test it but more snow put paid to that.  I’ll hopefully get out next Sunday afternoon for a little spin, once I get home.  I feel quite excited about riding my bike again, which is important to me.  I’m looking forward to the triathlon later in the year, but the reason I’m doing that at all is to have a goal that I can get excited about and the training leading up to it is meant to be fun.  Oh and I also get a 1hr appointment with the fitter in 3 months so we can just check everything is good and make any further tweaks if necessary.

This week aside, the training I’ve been doing so far i’ve been enjoying for its own sake which is as important to me as ticking a box.  I’ve had a bit of a bleurgh, tired week, but next week will be better, and I can get back to training for fun & for a bit of stress relief.  It’s all good 🙂