Injury update

Last week I managed to ‘ping’ my knee/hamstring getting in the car, and for a few days it was really sore, and I totally laid off the stretches etc. It’s now feeling much better, so I went back to the physio today to see what was what. I’ve still got a very tight right hip (I often do) and calf pain albeit more internal than surface pain. A few more tests, some prodding and it would seem that my sciatic nerve has been irritated, and in fact it probably was the start of the problem. The hamstring is healing well and I can continue with the exercises for that so long as they don’t hurt, but focus is on sorting nerve issue. I’ve been feeling for ages that I want to reeeeally stretch out my leg, and I’m constantly doing so whilst sitting/in bed etc. but of course I now know that the muscles are probably tight to protect the nerve and every time I stretch it I’m irritating it more. Bugger! So I’ve got new stuff to focus on for the next 2 weeks which should hopefully calm that down then I can attempt running again. Realistically Brighton marathon isn’t going to happen. I’ve missed six weeks of running, will miss another 2 then need to build back up. I’ve emailed to ask if I can defer, if not then I’ll see how it goes, you never know. But if it gets to the point I’m only back up to half mara distance with a few weeks to go I’m not going to run. Another marathon finish in a crappy time is not my aim. I’m now mostly annoyed that it might also mean I can’t do another few pre-marathon races I have planned. Again though I’ll wait and see. They might be okay. 

So, it’s really disappointing but I’ll be back running soon enough and otherwise life is good, so I’ve nothing to complain about. Onwards and upwards 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Injury update

  1. Aaaaggghhh so annoying but you need to listen to the experts
    There are other races and you have Outlaw which could be your new A race
    Good luck and listen 😃


  2. Injury is never an easy thing to deal with Pea but you have a really awesome outlook on this. I hope the nerve starts to play ball and recovery is quick. I always try and enjoy other hobbies or interests when I’m going through injury to try and keep upbeat and focused 🙂 xx


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