Sorting my shit out

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’ve got a lot going on, I find it increasingly hard to keep on top of what the hell i’m supposed to be doing week to week. Inevitably I find my work calendar (on which I record what I’m doing outside of work too) bears only a scant resemblance to what my personal diary says, which is always massively helpful. As a result I often end up double booked. I hasten to add not because I’m so massively popular that my social life is awash with invitations, more that I’m a fanny and despite having a fair few free weekends I still manage to avoid half of them by booking everything on the same date. 

So in a bid to sort my shit out I managed to purloin one of those calendars that families use to plan their lives, with a column for each person. Well, greedy bastard that I am I’ve managed to use up all the columns on myself! No, I don’t have a multiple personality disorder (I think), but it’s quite handy splitting everything out. I’m currently training for a half marathon (short term) and two marathons (medium/long term), I need to get back in the gym more consistently, also I start the second of three courses of a distance learning Postgrad Certificate next month (final course starts next January) and have other bits and bobs & commitments that fill my time every week. So I managed to sit down and get it all into the calendar today. 

The upshot is that fuck me the next few months are quite busy! I always manage to do this – after months of not too much going on I cram it all in and end up too busy. However, since I also want to finally clear all my debts in the next year, by the looks of it I’ll have the best shot ever because bar a couple of pirate holidays coming up in September & the first half of next year, I’ll either be working, sleeping, running, gym’ing or studying from now until next May, so hopefully will have zero chance of actually spending any money (other than at the bar on holiday).  Hurrah!

Now that the planning is done, it should make it easier to manage everything week to week, so that I get all the training in that I need to and get back to some consistency at the gym. The next few weeks are pretty busy so there will still be a bit of juggling, but at least I know that and can look ahead more easily to manage it. 

Also I have to say if I get every session done that I’ve planned in I think Tokyo 2020 is a shoe-in 👍🏻 Who’s with me?! 


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