Love is in the air


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

My life feels so empty,

‘Cos I can’t have you.

Gin.  I can’t have any gin.  For some foolish reason I decided to partake of Dry February, and i’m slightly wishing I hadn’t.  Cunningly I picked the shortest month of the year to go booze-free, but still, I could murder a wee Jaggers and Taggers right now (and the 29th doesn’t count btw.  If it thinks it can swan in once every four years and bugger up my boozing, it can think again).  Truth be told, i’m not one for regularly having a drink during the week, so I don’t really need to do a ‘dry month’, but hey ho, in a moment of madness I thought it would be a good idea, and I feel I need to see it through now, come hell or high water.  Sometimes I annoy myself greatly.

So, Valentine’s Day.  A day where the lovers of the earth get to stare into each other’s eyes and proclaim just how much they love each other, because obviously you can’t do that any other day of the year, for free.  Nothing says “I love you sooooooooo much!” like a hastily grabbed bunch of overpriced flowers and  a box of chocolates that would only otherwise sell at Christmas.   So obviously I woke up crying and flower-free this morning, berating the love Gods above for their cruelty.  Okay, not really.  I already have a nice bunch of flowers (see pic above) that I bought the other day because, well, I like flowers.  Honestly, there are some years that i’ve really felt a bit lonely on Valentine’s day, because there’s nothing like social media for shoving it all in your face and making you feel bad, even though on the 13th of Feb., you didn’t even give it a second thought.  This last week has felt like a really long one for some reason.  I wasn’t in the happiest of moods for half of it, quite possibly because my legs were (to be medically accurate) totally fucked after last weekend’s 10K.  I actually thought i’d strained my calves, as they’ve never been so sore after a race.  Anyway, by Thursday I could walk down the stairs without holding on to the rail, so things were looking up.  I don’t really like being in a grump, so I had a word with myself and all was good by Friday.  I went shopping yesterday, forgetting it was Valentine’s Day, and was soon surrounded by shop assistants trying to get me to try heart-shaped marshmallows (because obviously the shape is integral to the taste, and i’ve never tasted marshmallow! Fannies) and lots of men (and women) grabbing heart-shaped boxes of biscuits from the cleverly placed stands.  For the first time I actually realised I was quite happy not to be caught up in it all, or rather I wasn’t unhappy to be missing out.  When you hit 40 and you’re single, you do start to wonder whether you’re going to end up being gnawed to death by cats many years hence, when you fall and break a hip and struggle to reach the phone in time to call for help.  God help any singletons with Micro Pigs.  Those bad boys can chew through bone, so their owners will NEVER be found!!  Anyway, i’m cat-free for now, so hopefully the decomp smell will alert the neighbours instead.  Seriously though, I can truly say I’m pretty happy right now, and don’t need to be part of a twosome to enjoy my life.  In fact, being able to do what I want whenever I want is a pretty big plus.  Especially since i’m currently listening to  Mr Bieber album on Napster and quite enjoying it.  What self-respecting man would put up with that?  (I know Bieber’s a twat, but his songs are quite catchy.  Bite me). In that spirit, on Wednesday I decided to book a wee trip to Majorca later in the year to go and support a lot of my pals who are partaking of an Ironman triathlon.  I’m looking forward to supporting from the inside of a bar.  Or three.  See, life isn’t so bad on your own 🙂

That said, i’m off to get hot and sweaty with a long, hard ride.

Well, I do have new bike shoes to try out.

Lots of love and kisses, Pea xxx


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