SS1301So despite my earlier blogs laying out my plans to return to Ironman racing (and I use the word ‘racing’ very loosely), after last weekend’s run, I decided i need to shift the weight once and for all, and get a marathon finish to be proud of.

Soooooooooooo, i was really lucky to be able to sign up in time, but i’ve managed to get a place in the Big Sur Marathon in California next April 😀  Wooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!  I am SO excited.  This race has been on my ‘To Do’ list ever since I drove up the coast of California from LA to San Francisco and beyond.  It is such a beautiful part of the world, so I cannot wait to return.

I’m going to have to work really hard for this though. It is a hilly race with a strict 6 hour cut-off. I’m confident I can do it though.

I realised that i’m not that excited about the thought of doing a full ironman any time soon, but this race really gets me smiling.

Roll on Big Sur 🙂

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    1. Are you mad?!?! I swore to Colourin and Doner i would NEVER do an ultra, so I couldn’t possibly, lol!!!! Where is it? I could come support!!!


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