Not to wheat….



….is the answer.

I decided to try a little experiment.  Having mentioned in an earlier blog that I’m curious about the effects of wheat in my diet, I thought the best way to tell if it really bothers me or not is to eat it for a couple of weeks, note the effects then cut it out, and note the effects.  Well I’ve spent the last week and a bit eating wheat with gay abandon, and right now I feel like someone has stuck their hand in my abdomen and is squeezing my intestines and colon with all their strength.  Not great.

I’ve been noting how I’ve felt this last week, but I think the notes from the last couple of days are more telling, because I felt rubbish for a few days after the marathon last weekend (mostly because of the heat) so I’m not even counting those.  So what were my symptoms? Well, I’ve had lethargy, lack of concentration, headaches (both dull and piercing), eczema on my hands getting worse (lots of tiny little blisters), spots, digestive issues ranging from constipation & bloating to ‘omg i need to get to the bathroom NOW!’, and cramps in my lower intestinal area.

Could these symptoms be related to anything else?  Quite possibly, but I’ve not been eating differently, other than quite a lot of bread/cake.  It might be something else other than wheat, but to be honest if I cut out the wheat, then I’ll be cutting out all the crap that goes with it, so that should solve the problem.  Will I lose nutrients if I cut out wheat?  I don’t think so.  The plan is to eat meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and dairy.  I know dairy can be quite high on the allergen list, but I’ll keep that in the diet for now, and see how I go.  I’ll also eat rice, potatoes, quinoa and gluten-free oats, so I can get carbs from there (as well as the veggies), so I’m not really missing out. All the food I will be eating should have sufficient nutrients for me, and I can’t imagine I’ll be doing myself a disservice.

It will be tricky though, especially since I’ll be travelling with work for over half the week, eating in hotels and unable to bring my own lunch to work.  I’ll do my best though, and I should be able to sort myself out.

What I’m not planning to do, long-term is replace bread/cakes with gluten-free versions. Firstly, these products tend to be really expensive for what they are, and secondly, they are still heavily processed and full of shit.

To back up the healthier diet, I’m also going to get back to the gym and devise a programme for myself.  As fabulous as the sculpture in my photo is (taken in the gardens surrounding Beaulieu House in the New Forest), the aim is to look a little less like this, or rather a lot less like this.

I’ll report back in due course, and hopefully, when I do, my guts won’t feel like they’re in a vice anymore.

Enjoy the summer heat wave everyone 🙂



5 thoughts on “Not to wheat….

  1. Sounds like a sensible plan Lee. I found a place in Manchester that does gluten-free cakes so I will be testing those (all in the name of research of course), and also seeing which recipes I can use to adapt to GF myself. I’m also doing no added sugar also, which makes things a bit trickier, but it is still do-able. Let us all know how you get on! Good luck! 😀


    1. Thanks! Let me know how you get on with the cake testing 😛 Thankfully I have an awesome GF cookbook to keep me going 😀 I’m not going to cut out sweet stuff entirely, as I’ve tried that before, and it doesn’t work, but i’m going to rein it in massively, and if I do want something, then i’ll make it myself, so at least I’ll know what’s in it. Got to be done though. Can’t go on like this, at this weight or i’ll burst!!!


      1. Look for Black Cat Cakery on Facebook….

        You can do it. You have experienced how you have been feeling and if you can feel better by going GF and planning your meals, or learning what you can and can’t eat when out and about then you will be helping yourself – and it will get easier. 😀


      2. Yeah, it will just take a bit of planning and thought, but should be manageable without too much pain!! I shall check out that place…..


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