168 hours

Not that I’m counting every minute, but I’ve managed to have no sugar whatsoever for seven straight days. None at all. The strange thing is that it’s not been that difficult. 

It speaks volumes when I say that everyday I have a general feeling of guilt about what I’ve eaten (even after waking up, when I’ve not even eaten at that point!).  This week, however, when I review the day, I realise that actually I’ve only eaten proper food and no crap at all that I can leave the guilt to one side. 

I’m not counting anything at the moment (i.e. macros or calories or even chickens), just making sure I avoid anything with processed sugar in it. I’m on holiday soon, and want to partake of the odd cocktail, but in all honesty I’ll need to be sensible. I may need to drink neat gin just to be safe 😉

Anyway, so far so good ☺️

Have a good weekend folks. 


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