One down eleven to go

I know it technically isn’t the end of the month, but I’m taking a wee break from studying so thought I’d look back at the month.

I set some goals at the start of the year, but already I’ve had to rethink one of them.  While my hamstring is much better, i’ve been having a fair bit of trouble with my back, well my hip.  It seems to be down to an impinged sciatic nerve which is a pain in the ass (literally).  As a result i’ve not been running since early December.  I’ll be honest and say I’m slightly scared to try again, especially since my back is not amazing.  However, I’ll get there eventually and will soon be running again (thinking positively).  The upshot of it is that I’ve had to be realistic and admit that Brighton Marathon just isn’t going to happen.  So I’ve deferred my place until next year.  It’s disappointing, but the crux of the goal was to run a marathon this year in a time I’m happy with, so there’s still an opportunity to do that.  Outlaw marathon is still on the agenda.  Despite the hesitancy I will give running a go this week and fingers crossed it’ll be fine then I can start to rebuild.

I’ve definitely had a few positive achievements this month though.  For one, the allotment is going well and I’m making progress in tidying up what I started with.  Even better though I love being there and pottering about and doing something productive.  It feels amazing.  The other thing I’m really happy with is that I created a strict budget and I’ve completely stuck to it.  I’ve got £1.41 left in my spending account to last the week, but that’s fine because I’ve got food planned for the week and don’t have a need to buy anything before payday at the end of the week.  It’s been a long month pay-wise (5.5 weeks), and it’s January – I think normally at this point i’m a couple of hundred quid overdrawn and i’ve added to the credit card, post-Christmas.  Not this year 🙂  It feels great to be properly in control of my money.  As much as I’ve been managing my debt for the past 12 months by paying it down, I was always spending too much on life in general and just building it back up.  No more!  February is going to be as tight as a gnat’s chuff money wise, as I’ve a holiday to pay for, but I can manage it within the budget I’ve planned, so it’s all good.  As I said before, I’m going to have to say no to a lot of other fun stuff that costs money this year, and it might sound boring but it needs to happen.  Anyway, having a holiday in February with my fabulous pals makes me a very lucky girl, so it’s going to be a great month 😀

Finally I’ve started my the last course of three that will lead me towards my PgCert in Global Development Challenges.  I’ve passed the first two courses with a B in each so I’m happy with that.  My aim with this course is to keep on top of it and not get behind as I have in the past as it just makes life harder and when it’s more stressful it takes the enjoyment out of it.  So i’m on track nicely and really enjoying the studying.  Honestly if I could be an eternal student I think I would be.  So i’m looking forward to the next couple of months of that.  On that note, I need to get back to it.

Happy January folks 🙂



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