Marathon plan is a GO!

When I wrote my last post, I casually mentioned that I was just kicking along until my planned marathon training plan started in December.  Ages and ages ago I found a plan I liked, I wrote the long runs in my online diary, and generally forgot about it, knowing it was a while until it started.  So last night I thought I’d dig it out and have a look, and noticed that i’d scored out all the Thursday runs.  I really wanted a plan that only had me running 3 days a week, but this one had 4, so I just binned one.  After a little bit of pondering, I thought maybe this wasn’t actually such a good plan.  Missing out 1/4 of a plan on purpose isn’t possibly the best prep for the big day.  What to do though, I really don’t want to run more than 3 times a week.  Why? Let me tell you:

  •  when you’re overweight, lots of running fucking hurts.  My knees wouldn’t thank me.
  • when I’ve followed 4 day (or more) plans in the past, I’ve usually missed the odd run which turns into lots of missed runs which turns into a shitty race day.
  • when I’ve run more than 4 times a week i’ve gotten injured.  Every time.

Cue early evening panic – I need another plan!!  Much perusing on the wonderful inter web produced a lot of plans that didn’t fit my aims.  Then I happened to stumble upon the ‘Marathon 3’ plan by Hal Higdon.  While he advocates this is for experienced runners (is that me? Erm…..), it looked pretty good.  The main point with this plan was that you did one bike session and one cross-training session a week alongside the 3 runs.  Looked great.  Except it was 24 weeks long so technically I should have started it last week.  Erm…..

I took the plan and butchered it somewhat by taking out a couple of the weeks towards the end of the programme (it suggests 3 x 20 mile runs all in), and a couple towards the start, to make it fit without me having to resort to time travel.  However, I wasn’t sure whether this was the best way to proceed, so I decided to defer to my lovely mentor Nicky who has run many, many more marathons than I and actually knows what she’s talking about.  Thankfully she thought the plan was good, so long as I do the additional cross training; this is a must.  Sorted!!  Rather than butchering it, I’ve just to start on week two.  Hmm, why didn’t I think of that!  So plan unbutchered (bar striking off week one) and I’m good to go.  Thankfully Monday’s are rest days because I did fuck all exercise yesterday as I was busy studying.  So today I started the plan, and I now have 4 miles in the bank.  Hurrah!

I’m out tomorrow evening so alarm is already set early so I can do the spin before work.  It’s a long road ahead, so I’m taking it day by day.  It’s a bit scary starting the plan, but also it’s quite exciting.  I do so want to improve on my previous times, but for now all I need to focus on is being consistent, and ticking off the plan day-by-day.

I’m hoping to use this blog to track training, to be honest about how it’s going (i.e. if I miss sessions I’ll confess, but hopefully I’ll not need to!), and to use as a bit of a record for how the LCHF lifestyle is going alongside all the training.  They should compliment each other, but as with anything, it’s all still fairly new to me, so I anticipate some trial and error.





10 thoughts on “Marathon plan is a GO!

  1. Hurrah for rest day Mondays 🙂 You are already doing brilliantly and have made way more progress than I suspect you realise. Can’t wait to hear about the updates


  2. Love IT when a plan comes together 😃

    Think the three run days will suit you
    Now to get in with it !

    Good luck and go girl you can do this 🍀


  3. I trained for my first ever marathon on three runs a week – FIRST (can’t remember what it stood for) – have only beaten that time twice since! Good luck, Lee!


    1. Ah interesting! I did look at that plan too actually, and it looked quite hard. Nicky thought it might be a bit tough for me (and I agreed, hehe). Looks good though. Maybe a plan for another race, when i’m lighter and fitter! 😀


  4. Good for you! I only run 3x per week for very similar knee reasons. Also, who has time for more??? I look forward to hearing more about your training progress!


  5. I know you collect lots of data, including with HR.. have you tried sticking it into Training Peaks?…. you can use the free version perfectly well for this…. and then track your CTL, ATL and TSB….

    sounds geeky, and it is a bit, but over time, it will give you a wonderful insight into what training volumes and patterns work well for you, and what results in injury…. I’ve been sticking data into TP for over 2 years now, and afte spending some time understanding the various metrics (I can highly recommend the book Triathlon 2.0 by Jim Vance) have some very useful short, medium and long term goals and targets that I can work towards as a consequence, and am finding that it is helping me enormously on when to put in a big session, and equally as importantly, when not to!

    My training is now much more focused and that, I also find, helps get me out the door, when I know not just what I am doing, but also why! (plus, usefully, I am smashing all my PBs!)


    1. Thanks Magna. I’ve used TP in the past, but haven’t been using it lately. Good idea though – be good to use it to track progress and make the most of the data that the Fenix fires out ☺️ Good work on the PBs too, all your hard work is definitely paying off


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