I was just having a mooch through some photos and found the quote above, that I screenshoted (new word!) some time ago. It was quite apt that I found this this evening, because when I woke up this morning, nice and cosy in my lovely bed, I really COULD NOT BE ARSED to go for a run. Caps intended, I was very ambivalent. In the last two weeks I’ve missed 3 out of 6 runs due to a colicky stomach. No idea why it has been bothering me, and it’s still not 100%, but I’m getting bored and annoyed that it’s getting in the way of training. So I heaved myself out of bed, got into running gear and left. Thankfully I took a couple of quid with me, which I never do, because it was bloody hot, even that early, and I died on my arse after 4 miles. Thankfully a wee shop was enroute so I bought a drink and guzzled half of it on the way to the till. It gave me a wee boost and got me home.

On a fairly regular basis I’ve been known to sign up to some event or other in order to give me a reason to train, then done precisely fuck all training and let the event pass unmarked. This time I’m actually looking forward to the various races I’ve signed up for, but sometimes I still need to force myself to get out the door. I’m not the same person I was last year, and this time actually achieving some goals feels more important to me than it has in the past.  So here’s to commitment and consistency; let’s hope they both stay around for a bit longer than they have before! 🙂


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