Time for some goals

As is often the case, I have some grand plan for an event that doesn’t always come to fruition. This year’s grand plan was supposed to be Chicago marathon, after deferring from 2015. However, money was the issue, and for once I’m trying to be sensible and pay off debt instead of accrue more, so my Stateside trip was kiboshed.

The desire to complete a marathon in a time I can be proud of is still there though. I’ve completed two (London in 2009 and the Outlaw triathlon marathon in 2013), and although I did train for both, and crossed the finish line, I know I’m capable of doing a lot better than the results from each demonstrated.

Tracking some friends who ran Brighton just over a week ago provided the inspiration I needed, so I’ve signed my name on the dotted line for the 2017 race. It looks like a great event, is close to home, and it’s a full 12 months away, so ample time to put a plan in place. Well, when I say ample, I need to start now. I’m still far too heavy and not running-fit. I’m looking forward to the challenge though.

Already I’ve been given very helpful advice from my friend Nicky. She owns a running shop, has a variety of marathons/Ironman medals on the wall and basically knows a damn sight more than I do about training for this. Needless to say I’m starting this week, under her advisement 😀

I’m still putting together a full plan with interim goals, so will post about that when it’s complete.

Have a good week folks.


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