Giving up*

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© The Simpsons

*the stuff that’s of no use.

I love my bed.  It’s always a joy to get in it, but never so easy to leave.  One of my aims this year was to get more sleep, as I realised I was consistently getting less that 6.5 hours sleep a night, and quite frankly, that just ain’t enough.  I’m doing pretty well on that front, though of course sleeping in the last couple of Saturday’s has meant my Parkrun attendance has been poor.  Or should I say non-existent.  I really love Southsea Parkrun.  Lovely people, great venue; you can’t beat it.  My aim this year was to run 10 Parkruns before the end of the year, and I’ll definitely do that. Just so long as I can actually get up.  I decided not to set my alarm today, and thought if I wake up in time I’ll go – I woke up at 9:55am.  Oh well.  Must have needed the sleep (I promise to set my alarm next week though!).

However, I did get up and get to the gym, for my third (of four) sessions this week.  Tomorrow is the last sesh of the week before I start it all again on Monday with a PT sesh.  Clumping three sessions in a row isn’t the best in terms of planning but needs must when a busy life gets in the way.  Getting myself to the gym these days is a lot easier than it used to be.  I really love it.  Some sessions are tougher than others, and cause me to tell my PT in no uncertain terms that I really hate him (he ignores me), but actually I do love it.  I’m noticing too that I can take a lot more of it that I used to be able to .  Four sessions a week would have been the death of me in the past (or at least caused my lower back to melt), but as the weeks go by i’m feeling stronger.  I can see more muscle definition in my arms and legs, and my back muscles definitely feel more solid.  I can even feel various stomach muscles at times, even if I can’t yet see them.

So right now, what I’m most interested in is performance.  I’ve managed to get to 85Kg for a deadlift (most I’ve ever lifted), just for 2-rep max at the mo, but that’s okay.  I can fairly comfortably back squat 60Kg now, and having never back-squatted in my life before, I’m really happy with that.  Slow but surely I’m making progress, in upper and lower body stuff.  After that 10K last weekend, my legs were absolutely fine, and I can attribute that to the gym work.  I need more sleep now, but that’s fine.  The washing machine is always on the go it seems, but that’s fine too.

In the last few weeks I can honestly say I’ve felt more comfortable with myself that I ever have.  So this has led me to give up some stuff:

  • giving a shit what other people think.  I gave that up a while ago, but always worth mentioning as it’s important.
  • scales.  I’ve decided to chuck out my scales, as they make me too obsessive.  I weigh myself too often, and if I lose weight it’s like a reason to celebrate (i.e. cake).  Bad idea.  I don’t actually care what I weigh anymore.  If I stick to the programme and put the effort in to clean up my diet more, the fat will go.  So the scales are now in the bin.  Also, my PT will weight me every 6 weeks and takes measurements, so I’d rather see the tape measure go in.
  • Tracking my food.  I’ve become obsessed with making sure I track everything in My Fitness Pal, and daren’t miss a day so as not to lose my tracking streak.  Except this has become more about the streak that what I’m actually eating, so as of tomorrow, I don’t care if I miss a day.  I’ll track when I feel I’m letting bad habits creep in, or to check I’m eating enough, but actually tracking is not helping me shed fat so it can go.
  • pyjamas.  I’ve recently become acquainted with the joys of sleeping naked (thankfully for my neighbours I have curtains).  Sleep is much improved.  I used to always be so body-conscious that i’d prefer to sleep clothed; how utterly bonkers is that?!  Screw that for a laugh.  It’s cosier sleeping with nothing on too, crazy!
  • worrying about being 40.  I have to say – roll on 40, I’m really looking forward to it now.  I’m actually glad I’m not turning 30.  Forties are going to be good 🙂

…and that’s it really.  Happy days.



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