Cream crackered

Copyright to Google. Or Jacobs. Or someone else, who knows.
Copyright to Google. Or Jacobs. Or someone else, who knows?

This week felt like a big training week.  That’s probably because it was, for me at least.  Certainly the most I’ve done in one week for as long as I can remember.  Monday started with my weekly PT sesh, then on Tuesday I went back to the gym on my own to do the first of three other sessions my trainer had planned in for me.  The gym I’ve joined now is a real man’s gym,  a bit spit-and-sawdust and full of blokes with biceps bigger than my thighs (which is some feat, let me tell you).  The advantage of this is that I can totally play up to the ‘help me I’m a woman!’ stereotype, which normally I’d abhor, but I decided to use it to my advantage.  It started when I wanted to use a box for something but so did another guy so he offered to get me a bench instead, so I let him. Then when I’d finished I was about to move the bench as I was finished but a different guy wanted to use the spot I was vacating, so he moved the bench for me.  Then I managed to ask a third bloke to lift a bar that had weights on, that I’d been using to squat, down to the floor, since I couldn’t do the manoeuvre with the bar weighted, and frankly couldn’t be assed to unload it to then reload it 2s later.  The man obliged, to which I was grateful.  I’ll never pass for a weak helpless woman, but I’m all for making men feel useful when it suits 😉

So I survived that session, and the second one on Friday (I was away with work in-between), and after a 4 mile run yesterday (which felt tough), I completed the final session today.  Jezzo it was a total bastard of a session!  Primarily it was a deadlift sesh, and I do love deadlifts.  I’m not really sure why, but I guess when you have strong thighs, you might as well use them to your advantage.  Todays session involved three different types of deadlifts, two different types of squats and a couple of other leg exercises thrown in for evil measure.  In total there were 81 reps of deadlifts alone.  Hence the title, I’m truly knackered now.  Despite that, I’m also feeling pretty happy because I managed to up my deadlift PB to 70Kg which is good.  Not for 81 reps I hasten to add (just 8).  On the back of a heavy week I’m really pleased with that.

Next week I’ll struggle to do 4 sessions as I’m away half the week with work (with no gym access), and I have to run a 10K on Sunday (the less said about that the better), but I’ll get 3 sessions in.  Despite the fact I feel pretty fatigued, I don’t feel as totally bolloxed as I did when I was doing triathlon training, and was fitting in as many sessions.  Weights suit me better, and I can definitely feel they’re having a positive impact.  I’m getting stronger, my body measurements are decreasing a bit (except my thighs, haha!), I’m sleeping better (and needing more of it), and generally I just feel a whole lot better than I have for a long time.  Weight is coming off slowly, but I’m not even focusing on that so much any more, I’m more interested in performance.  Even my glutes feel a bit tighter which is good, and had I realised there was a security camera in the gym, I probably wouldn’t have spent 15s grabbing my ass it to see if it felt like it was changing, thinking no-one could see.  Ah well!

I’ll leave you with that delightful image now, as I need to go and mainline a steak.

Happy Sunday peeps 🙂



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