12 weeks

Get in ma belly
Get in ma belly

Ah, Friday.  Welcome back my friend.  The weekend is now upon us 😊  Times must be changing because what I’m most looking forward to this weekend is hitting the gym. Normally it would be plonking myself in front of the telly and getting a cheeky take-away.  However my flat is now a TV-free zone (I’ve not missed it at all), and seeing as I have a fridge packed to the rafters with veggies and good proteins (see above!), I’m also looking forward to cooking up a bit of a storm.  I’ve started a new four-week cycle at the gym – PT once a week and a new programme to do myself another couple of days – and I absolutely love it. The PT sessions are getting tougher, but I got home from the sesh on Tuesday and felt totally amped.  Honestly I never feel this good after a run! So as much as I’d love to see myself tearing across the finish line of an Ironman, arms aloft, victorious, I just, well, can’t be assed.  The thought of all that long, slow (for me) endurance currently fills me with dread, and all I can imagine is feeling knackered, chafed and broken. Lifting weights though makes me sooooo happy in comparison, it’s a bit mad really. Clearly with my body shape I’m built for strength, not for speed! I’ll get back to tri one day, but right now it isn’t my priority.

So, in terms of progress I can definitely feel the benefits of getting back into the gym. I can feel my shape changing a little, and although the scales are not budging at the moment, i’m not stressing about it.  The weight loss (i.e. fat loss) will come eventually, but right now I’m happy to be exercising consistently, sleeping better (extra hour a night on average), eating better and generally just feeling pretty great in myself.  I feel stronger too and my attempts at learning to do a full proper press-up are improving.  Today I got a new journal to record my training, nutrition, goals, sleep etc., and happily it lasts for 12 weeks, which will take me up to my birthday. So with that in mind I need to go take some measurements, fill in the front bit then get myself down the gym 😊

Have a great weekend folks x


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