99 days and counting


It’s been a wee while since I’ve written anything, partly because I didnt have much to say but also because I’ve been really busy.  The past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of weekends away and busy weeks in between, but finally life has started to calm down.  I’ve realised, or at least the past month or so has confirmed to me, that I absolutely SUCK at trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle when I’m busy.  Planning goes out the window, so do good food choices, invariably a lot of booze is consumed and the scales don’t thank me.  That said, I don’t regret the decisions I’ve made of late (food, booze or otherwise), because regret is pretty pointless.  I’ve been getting some personal training which I’m really loving, and getting to the gym a couple more times a week too, and feel soooo much better for it.  I’m making some strength gains which is great, but fat loss is eluding me – you can’t out train a bad diet, and I know that.  As I say though, regret is for losers, so no point worrying about what has been.  Instead, I’m looking forward to the next 4 week training block with more focus and determination, an understanding of where I need to improve and a plan to address it.  Progress will be made, and I’ll post an update with the results in a month.

So diet and training aside, what have I learned in the last few weeks? Well, I can honestly say that it has just been such a manic time, I feel like loads of things have come to a head.  Anyone that knows me knows I love my holidays and little breaks, and if you consider that since June I’ve been on trips to Doha, Italy, Cornwall, Nottingham (obviously the most glamourous of the lot!), as well as a couple of long weekends at home means that I’ve been pretty happy.  The reason why all that was so fabulous was not just because of the destination (e.g. it absolutely PISSED down in Nottingham, and I was camping!), but because of the people I spent time with.  I’ve been soooo lucky to meet up with a HUGE number of amazing friends, from Uni days and my Edinburgh life to running friends and all the Pirates (triathlon nutters to the unaware), and other friends old and new.  Time spent with friends is the happiest time of all I think 😊

The flip side of being so busy and catching up with people who are very important in my life, even if I don’t see them as much as I would like is that when the weekends are over, it is easy to hit a bit of a downer! Like post-event blues.  Also it kind of highlighted that sometimes it sucks to have no-one to come home to, to dissect the weekend with and re-hash all the laughs with. That, coupled with some really busy weeks meant my stress levels felt like they were going through the roof. Funnily enough though it all culminated with my car breaking down on the motorway as I drove East to pick up a friend.  Long story sort the car was fucked and i’ve now got a new one which I love! You’d think that the car dying would have sent my stress levels over the edge, but actually I don’t think I could have been calmer when it happened! I just realised that shit happens, so what is the point of stressing about it? It was a bit of a wake-up call to be honest. Since then, i’ve spent a lot of time just thinking about stuff and getting my head sorted.  While I still don’t have anyone to come home to, I have a lot of people in my life I love very much, and that’s more important to me.  Also getting myself the life I want in terms of health and fitness is so important to me now that actually that is the only thing I want to focus on this year.  I want to be really content in myself before I worry about finding a man to come home to, and looking for that will just take my focus off my goal right now. That whole vomit-inducing cliché of loving yourself before loving anyone else has never been more apt, so that’s the plan. Unless of course Tom Cruise happens to read this – I’ll give up the gym for you baby (I won’t really but you can come with me Tom).

So 99 days until the big 4-0.  Feeling good, stress levels reduced, focussing on the right things and looking forward to finally being able to post some progress in the next 4 weeks. ….and now that I’ve typed that, I can’t let myself down!

Thanks for reading.

Pea x😊