A wee update


Since the whole point of me waffling on ad nauseam in this blog is to make myself accountable, I thought I’d better post a wee update.  To be fair I don’t actually have that much to say (don’t all cheer at once), but I’m creeping ever forwards.  Or upwards.  Or somewhere anyway.

So here we go.  On the progress front, so far this year (despite going up and down like the proverbial yo-yo), I’m on the downward trend and I’ve lost 9lbs all in.  I’ve just started with a new PT this week, so looking forward to cracking into some hard graft next week (and yes, I know I shall rue the day I typed this when I can’t move without crying next week).  Cycling to work is still happening, albeit not so much this week since I’ve had to drive here there and everywhere straight from work 4 days this week.  So that’s a bit annoying, but I’m cycling in again tomorrow.  I did my first Parkrun for 5 years a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll be there on Saturday lumbering along Southsea parade again, so looking forward to that. Finally, I’ve started another plan with Fitter Food, to get me back on the straight and narrow.  I’ve used them before and felt AMAZING so looking forward to getting back to that point.  While a lot of it is about food (basically canning the processed crap, eating good proteins, fats and carbs to fuel your body), more so it is about cultivating good habits that you can sustain for life: moving more daily, sleeping more (yay to more time spent in my comfy bed!), reducing stress, being mindful etc.  What it isn’t is a ‘diet’, i.e. something you do to lose weight before resuming ‘normal’ life (whatever that is), and piling all the weight back on, plus a bit more for good measure.  My aim in all of this is ultimately to lose weight, but more so to just be fit, strong and healthy.  When I achieve that, the weight will sort itself out.

Oh yeah, and I’ve given up my telly.  Well, I say that – I was expecting it to be switched off the other day, but the subscription is still coming through.  Anyway, it’ll be gone by month end at the latest, and I can get rid of the TV altogether.  So anyone coming to stay will actually need to talk to me.  Sorry in advance about that.  On the plus side this means I can sing to visitors to keep them entertained.  If I’ve had a few vinos I may even dance a bit too.  Don’t all rush to visit at once now 🙂


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  1. Nice one – onward and upward. Great move re: telly. Haven’t quite got the guts to do that, and I don’t think my son would forgive me, but TV is so very unsatisfying … its like a computer game – it kills time, but doesn’t add anything to your life at all. 🙂


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