Happy new year!


Well, I can hardly believe it, but we’re officially in 2015.  Wow.  Time is flying faster than ever it seems.  I probably shouldn’t admit to not actually knowing whether I wrote a post on Jan. 1st last year, but tbh I didn’t think to look before deciding to write this about 5 minutes ago.  Anyway, what I do remember about 2014 is that I was really determined to change my life for the better, and to help me on my way to success I set myself a lot of different challenges, including running marathons, deadlifting big weights and losing my own dead weight while I was at it.  So, get yourself a brew, settle down and get ready to read the list of achievements.  Oh and by brew I think an espresso should do it (not a double. This won’t take long):

– eh, well…..let me think…..I completed the 1,000,000 step challenge in the summer.

Honestly I think that’s about it.  Oh, and I did managed a month without TV and a month of no iPad/phone/computer after 9pm.  Other than that though, I pretty much did squat (thought not literally, otherwise I might be feeling a lot fitter right now). Mortifyingly, I need to also admit that despite losing some weight last year, in the last six months I have managed to scale the lows of weight management by getting back to my heaviest weight ever.  There is NO excuse.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed last year, and it ended on a real high with a birthday trip to France, then another trip to Delhi and Qatar . So a lot of plus points were achieved (esp. on the bathroom scales). In terms of achieving my goals though, it was pish.

Now of course it comes to the time where I make my resolutions for 2015. So, here we go (time to finish the espresso):

– Get healthy.

That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  This is still a BIG ask for me, considering where I finished in 2014, but it is the right resolution (or goal, as I prefer to think of it). I was signed up for the Outlaw Half Ironman in May, but i’ve withdrawn my place.  I really would love to see myself crossing that finish line, but it isn’t my priority.  All these races I sign up for never really are my priority, but I sign up thinking they’ll get me to where I want to be, but time after time they never do.  The only thing in my life I have NEVER achieved is to get to a healthy weight, so THAT is going to be my only focus.

Of course getting to that weight is part of a bigger picture, which is to be healthy. This means sleeping more, exercising, reducing stress, eating real foods, and generally just looking after myself better. I know LOADS of people can do that PLUS train for Ironman, work full time, have a life etc., but time has shown me I can’t. I always thought aiming further and further would get me to where I wanted along the way, but I always ended up travelling down a path that takes me away from my real desire, not towards it. Deciding to pull out of the Outlaw made me feel great.  I’m actually REALLY looking forward to this year. I can’t wait to get back in the gym and hit the weights, which is the one thing i’ve loved doing, but always felt I had to sacrifice to get running/triathlon training in. Now I can just get on with it.  I went to the gym yesterday, and realised i’m as unfit as a sloth with two broken legs, but i’ll get back to where I was (and beyond) in time. I’m also looking forward to going tomorrow.  I can’t tell you how much i’m looking forward to the year ahead of me because I don’t have a race to worry about training for. Of course sorting out my health and fitness won’t be a breeze, but it is worth my undivided attention. Well, after i’ve spent today relaxing on the sofa watching films 😊

Here’s to a great 2015, and a chance to be fit and fabulous before I turn 40.

Happy days.


4 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. I like where you’ve ended up here, Lee – you’ve learned that what you really want is what YOU want, and that happiness and success is not to be found trying to do what other people do or want … being chuffed to have withdrawn from Outlaw Half shows that your heart lies elsewhere – I’m really looking forward to seeing you enjoy your discovery of all the good, healthy things that will make you happy in 2015 …
    Enjoy your adventure!


    1. It’s going okay thanks! Enjoying being back in the gym, and i’m enjoying the healthy scran too! I’m still drinking coffee and tea because if i give up everything at once i always cave, so i’m focussing on the main areas, and so far so good! How are you getting on? Are the scabby horses of the world still in danger? 😉


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