Monthly challenges



Two posts in one week!  Will wonders never cease…..

Although one of my goals for this year is pretty much dead in the water (my sub-5:30 marathon), I’ve still got a few to go.  I set myself some mini-challenges too, something to aspire to each month, just to keep things interesting.


January was running 4 times a week, and that went well. I could say now that I might as well not have bothered, but of course that isn’t true; it was worth it at the time.


February’s challenge was no iPad after 9pm.  I changed that slightly when the challenge started, and said no iPad after 8pm.  On the whole I managed it, the only times I ‘cheated’ were either when I forgot, or if I’d been out all evening then had a quick peek when I got in.  So maybe an 85% success rate?  Something like that.


This month it was ‘No games on the iPad’ and so far I’ve had 100% success rate.  I have played Scrabble a few times recently on Facebook, but to be pedantic, it doesn’t work on my iPad and I can only play it on my computer, so I’m taking that as a win.  Very tenuous I know, but I’m claiming it!


However, April’s challenge is now looming large – no TV.  When I decided on this, I was being a bit of a smart arse because I was supposed to be in California for a lot of April, and wouldn’t have been watching TV then anyway.  Of course now that I’m not going, this challenge seems harder.  To be honest I quite often switch the telly off because most of the programmes on there are utter shite, so hopefully it won’t feel like too much of a strain.  I only really follow about 1 programme at the moment, and it is one once a week for an hour, so I can just tape it.


When I first moved down here, I was considering not getting a TV at all.  In my mind (i.e. Lee as I wish I was, not actually as I am), I don’t spend much time watching TV because I’m too busy doing other things; spending time with people, going out and about and enjoying myself, or maybe just having a quiet night in reading a book.  The reality, more often than not, however, is that I sit on my fat arse in front of the TV when I get in from work, and don’t move for the rest of the night.  So part of the reason for this challenge is just so that I don’t do that.  The clocks have just gone forward, so all the more reason to go out and do something in the fresh air, rather than being stuck indoors all the time.  Although if it pisses down for the whole of April, I’m really going to wish I’d picked something else not to do……Anyway, I’m sure I’ll survive, and I’ll report back on this at the end of the month 🙂