Quick run update…

Run update


Since I’ve been posting my running distance stats every week, I thought I ought to do the same today, having just come back from my long run.  The distances are still fairly light, but to be honest I’m happy with that, as it has made it a little easier to be consistent.

Today’s 3 miler took about 4 mins longer than the last few I’ve done, but to be honest I’m pretty tired (as per yesterday’s post), so my walk breaks were a little longer.  Anyway, I’m not too worried about time at the moment.  Oh, and I have to ask, is it just me that feels sort of fragile when starting a run?  Today especially, I felt really stiff at first, and a bit delicate (not I word I’d usually ascribe to myself!!), as my ankles, knees and hips felt as though they were not going to be able to withstand the punishment of continuous running on a pavement.  This all wore off after about 1/4 mile, but still.  I think the fact I’ve been eating loads of carbs this week has something to do with it, even though they’ve all been gluten-free versions.  I just don’t think carbs do me a lot of good (oh and I don’t mean veggies, I love my veggies and will never stop eating them).

Gym wise I’m down a session this week, as I was up north overnight with work and missed the Group Exercise session on Wednesday.  Two of the nine sessions below were on a Monday, when I attend Fat Club, but don’t do any exercise, as technically Monday is my rest day.  So I’m a slightly behind on gym sessions, but seeing as this week was a cut-back week running wise, and I’m also feeling a bit sapped of energy, I’m not worrying about it too much. Normal service resumes this coming week.

Gym update Oct


Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks.  I’m going to get showered, get my compression gear on, then chill out.  Bliss!