Round and round I go

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this, and believe me, as sick & bored of it as you are, dear reader, I’m even more so. 

To what do I refer? Sugar. 

I can’t tolerate it yet I eat it like it’s my last day on Earth. People say it isn’t addictive but to me it is. People say it’s unrealistic to live without it, I say I need to. People say ‘just cut back’, I say that I can’t. People say this is just another fad, I say that’s bollocks.  People say ‘everything in moderation!’, but I cannot moderate this. I can with anything else, but not sugar.
I’ve achieved everything else in life that I’ve wanted to so far except for this. So I found an app for quitting stuff so I’ve registered as having started today. 

Quite honestly if I can’t sort this out I’ll be overweight for the rest of my life, end of story. Diabetes will be more of a ‘when’ than ‘if’. 

So I’ve have to shame myself into action by writing this.  No-one else can sort this out but me. 

That’s it really. Short but sweet (ha!).