Round and round I go

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this, and believe me, as sick & bored of it as you are, dear reader, I’m even more so. 

To what do I refer? Sugar. 

I can’t tolerate it yet I eat it like it’s my last day on Earth. People say it isn’t addictive but to me it is. People say it’s unrealistic to live without it, I say I need to. People say ‘just cut back’, I say that I can’t. People say this is just another fad, I say that’s bollocks.  People say ‘everything in moderation!’, but I cannot moderate this. I can with anything else, but not sugar.
I’ve achieved everything else in life that I’ve wanted to so far except for this. So I found an app for quitting stuff so I’ve registered as having started today. 

Quite honestly if I can’t sort this out I’ll be overweight for the rest of my life, end of story. Diabetes will be more of a ‘when’ than ‘if’. 

So I’ve have to shame myself into action by writing this.  No-one else can sort this out but me. 

That’s it really. Short but sweet (ha!). 


5 thoughts on “Round and round I go

  1. Lovely Lee, we’re having the same conversation in our house at the moment. I’ve been reading back through my blog and it appears – apart from the first few months when I first started – I’ve never really cracked the sugar habit.

    Why? Two reasons.

    One is that I started to ‘reward’ myself with the odd bit of cake when training for the first IM because I felt that I deserved it and two that cake combined with a failure to totally take out ‘sugar related products’ meant the craving returned and then never really went away again. What was also interesting was there was a definite correlation between increased sugar intake and decreased mental health. An ever decreasing circle.

    The other day a friend of mind stated that she was going low carb/high fat. She asked how she would thicken gravy which then ended in a whole search through her cupboards on a hunt for hidden gluten/sugar. It was scary – then when I came home and did the same thing – I had to throw away about half of the contents of the cupboards that had snuck in over the last couple of years when I was less diligent about checking labels. All of it I have no doubt has railroaded the effort by creating sugar cravings. Some people are more tolerant of sugar than others. But for those of us who are not then only total elimination can guarantee success.

    For what it’s worth – the first few months where I was off sugar and sweeteners completely, I was totally positive and happy and making lots of progress. It happened again when I adopted Whole 30 (strictly) the following year. So, my experience backs up the Whole 30/Paleo supporters. But, while I believe no one should be vilified for the odd bit of cake, everything in moderation for some people is just not possible if you are looking at weight loss!

    It’s not always an easy journey but I’m with you every step of the way.


    1. Thanks love 🙂 I agree completely. I wish I could just have the odd bit of cake, and maybe there will come a time that I can, but i’m doubtful (based on 30 years of experience!). For folk that can do it, good on them. So i’ve only been at it 3 days and already i feel better. I’m waiting for the inevitable cravings to kick in, but i’m ready for them, haha!! We can support each other on the journey for sure xx

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